Who is the jewish «Gabriel» persecuting pastor Torben Sondergaard in Denmark and USA ?

Only Jews today have the powers to do what «Gabriel» is doing to christian pastor Torben Sondergaard, in both Denmark and USA. It takes a lot of influence to have that kind of powers. ONLY Jews have such powers in our world today.

Only a Jew can instruct the ICE Homeland Security to do the Jews bidding. Persecute christians. From the beginning of Homeland Security after 9/11, as Michael Chertoff, when the neo-con talmudic Jews hijacked ALL US institutions, it have been Jews leading that institution since then, so no surprise this.

DEEPSTATE Norway 1945-2023: From NAZI occupation to askeNAZI occupation

The rich french Jew named «Gabriel» are able do no anything, also instruct ICE Homeland Security

Denmark outlaw Christian conversion. Torben is mentioned in the Danish Parliament: “This is abuse.” The soviet bolsjevik khazar Jews in power of the world like to outlaw Christian conversion. During the treatment of bill L139 – an amendment to the family law that criminalizes ‘psychological abuse’ – Mads Fuglede of the Venstre party refers to Torben in his speech. The Jewish Gro Harlem Brundtland of the satanic secular «Harlem-Cult» shall just wait til my book «Prodigal Amy» is out, whan we speak about «psychological abuse». https://www.torbensondergaard.com/timeline

The French rich man «Gabriel» have contacts in US Government says «Alice» in the video. There have been mostly ONLY Jews in the top leadership of Homeland Securty since it started it’s terror regime;

«Gabriels» family in Alejandro Mayorkas ?

(Jewish) Alejandro Mayorkas
February 1, 2021 –

(Danish) Kirstjen M. Nielsen
December 6, 2017 – April 10, 2019

(Jewish?) John F. Kelly
January 20, 2017 – July 28, 2017

(Jewish?) Jeh Charles Johnson
December 23, 2013 – January 20, 2017

(Jewish?) Janet Napolitano
January 20, 2009 – September 6, 2013

(Jewish) Michael Chertoff
February 15, 2005 – January 21, 2009

Be blessed Torben. God is good. Wants the best for His Chosen People, the Christians. John 8:44, Revelation 2.9 & 3.9 Jesus Christ himself in person tells us who and what they are. The name of the french man is Franck; https://www.torbensondergaard.com/timeline

The talmudic antiChristian Jews in Denmark and USA hate Pastor Torben S. and Jesus Christ… Torben threatened their demons, than they detained him. TV2 Denmark’s «God’s Best Children» clearly serves the best interests of the Jews with their antiChristian program.

Detained 333 days today

Jesus warned us, saying: «If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also» (John. 15:20). (((THEY))) are the same in Jesus time, as in our time, we can see. It is the same «they«. From this we KNOW Torbens persecutor are Jewish. Because it was Jews persecuting Jesus Christ.

Torben Sondergaard: who are his persecutors? SHOCKING and heartbreaking

This can be stated : If they [the Jews] persecuted me, they [the Jews] will persecute you also.

The Jews today as then will always follow the same modus operandi. They will instruct the secular government to persecute, as they did to Pilate Pilatus. They are in command. Even Caesar had to kneel for them to avoid rebellion in his empire they was/are expert in organizing. As in this instance with Torben. We have studied dozen of such cases in Norway, always the Law is in favour of the Jews.

Death threats from the rich french Jew. As long he is Jewish, danish Police is doing nothing. The Master Race is above the Law, they control Governments.

Riksavisen have in earlier articles documented how the Jews have their own laws in Norway, after they hijacked all our institutions after World War II.

and Norwegian Government, and the rest of the Governments of the World

Here we name the Jews that can break norwegian law, and no government is taking care of them and punish them for their crimes: https://www.riksavisen.no/dypstaten-gir-edomitt-joder-immunitet-og-standardmessig-gjennomslag-i-norsk-rettspleie-hva-gjor-gud/

Everywhere Jews occupy the Government, Talmudic Law § 1 applies; What is good for the Jews are the Law.

Aren’t the government agencies corrupt when they do help evil people like this ? You can read from the lines that this is a «untermenchen», a «human» with the «Mark of the Beast», animal nature, typical Jewish;

Only a Jew can stalk a young girl Alice for a decade, a rich french Jew, against her will, and the police do nothing about it.

From his emails we can easy find this is a Jewish person, the arrogant and pridefull boosting is well known for anybody researching Jewish power structures, and the HATE for all Christian is 100% Jewish. Can only come from Jewish persons. They further instruct the Danish parliament their demand of of new antichristian laws, in an endless stream.

If anybody could let us know the name, we will inform the public to look up for this dangerous evil Jew named «Gabriel». Send us information here; https://www.riksavisen.no/about/kontakt-oss/


From the names here, it looks to us it is MOSTLY Jews working in «documentary» Kompagniet Aps, for their antiChrist behavior against Torben Søndergaard.

Jesus warned us in John 8:44 they have «the Devil as their father () a liar » : They love to lie and decieve in persecution of christians.

The antiChristian Jews will take it to the End; Death for their enemies?

The hateful rich french Jew and young girl stalker employs private investigators ?

«Paul May confirmed that European nationals and an Orlando-based ICE officer were his main sources of information about Torben. He confirmed that Torben has influential enemies in Europe that coordinated and executed a campaign to convince its law enforcement that Torben was a ‘dangerous criminal’. According to Paul May, those enemies were providing information directly to the Department of Homeland Security, within just a few weeks of Torben’s arrival in the United States back in January of 2019. He also claimed those European nationals hired private investigators in the US who were gathering information on Torben secretly attending his ministry events and subsequently passing reports to law enforcement.« https://friendsoftorben.com/official-update-may-18-2023/

We have asked InsideOut leader Camilla Louise Johnson the name of their Chairman «Thomas»;

Dear Camilla,
We do the same work internationally as you do in DK, we expose CULTS, especially jewish talmudic death cults threatening people with death if they do not have their omerta respected.
You was free to expose Torben, based on lies, we will expose ‘ Gabriel’ based on truth.. that is just fair, isn’t it ?

The question is: Will the french rich Jew «Gabriel» be able to kill any of their antiChrist Jews enemies, while Camilla, TV2.dk and Mrs. Emborg in Kompagniet Aps and the danish police is saluting him from the sideline? Plenty Jews are exposed for the same in Norway here: https://www.riksavisen.no/dypstaten-gir-edomitt-joder-immunitet-og-standardmessig-gjennomslag-i-norsk-rettspleie-hva-gjor-gud/

Satan saluting them and will let them do whatever they want of evil. The question is: What will God do them ? «Talmud, in Sanhedrin 100a, attributes to Rabbi Meir the saying: “The measure which one measures will be measured out to him”—a saying identical in phraseology as well as in spirit with that uttered by Jesus in Matthew 7:2: “The measure you give will be the measure you get,”. (Source).

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

II A Life In Black: A Tribute to Johnny Cash

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  1. Attila Váradi

    I was in Torbens Luke 10 school in Denmark. This guy, Torben is a con man. He’s now called Pastor Torben yet that time he was against the church system. Torben has an Absolon complex and is full of pride. He can’t be compared to a biblical martyr. He’s doing self pity party. I and Lucas Meyer warned him in 2018 about tolerating Jezebel. Torben was so proud not to repent but to say we had the bad spirit. Torben is a narcissist never admitting he is wrong. Personally I don’t believe Torben is born again, he’s a Mammon man. He told us in the Luke 10 school about a prophesy he got that he’d go to Russia. Of course that never happened he stole the money from the Denmark Luke 10 school and fled in the night to the States. In his first movie he said Christianity came to the USA and it became a business. The irony is that Torben is a salesperson and TLR is a business. We warned him not to become the mini pope of TLR. He is so proud that he couldn’t accept rebuke and warning. Since he is a rebel and a self promoter crybaby therefore God resists him and declared Ichabod. The Last Reformation is actually a title of a 1919 book where the author said any reformation can’t be the last if it contradicts the Word of God and will be succeeded another one. Torben failed, he ToLeRated Jezebel and he’s kicked out of God’s plan. He’s an unrepentant narcissist proud hypocrite who never died to self. He’s anything but Christ-like. He’s not a man of God but of the devil. A false apostle with ambition. This guy doesn’t know the cross, the crucifixion of self. Dying with Christ is a mantra for him but his heart is far from Jesus. Lip service but in the case of Torben, this is NOT real.

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