Dedicated to the Brave Women in the Endtime Battle of the Ages

Karen Kingston in Stew Peters video «Final Days», a swedish sister in Christ on twitter and a very awake grandmother friend in Oslo worry for the future of her grandchildren, inspired this article.

Also for the sake of my eternal life I prepare in this life, I have to be fair; To give due credit to those who deserve it in the Endtime Battle of HIS-story from Genesis to Revelation..

Creating Eternity – Between Two Worlds

We can add irish Gemma O’Doherty;

In America, I don’t like «Green Parties» if they believe in the Climate-hoax, but Cynthia McKinney, another one of the female heroes of our time was good in the Jewish Question:

Cynthia McKinney denied to «kiss the ring» of the Jewish Masters when she entered Congress as Rep. for her constituents. Jews wanted her to represent THEM..

And I want to say for peace in the soul for the summer season of my brothers and sisters in Christ that everything is ok, to assure everybody, that God is in control. NEVER will it be that God is not on His throne. Even talmudic Jews are not able to take Him down, OR replace Jesus Christ as King of kings (Isaiah 9:6) of this rotten world the Jews as their askeNAZI leader Klaus Schwab «masciach» build. How can idiot «builders» (Psalm 118:22, Acts 4:11, Matthew 21:42, Isaiah 28:16) believe they can build something lasting and beautiful, WITHOUT the correct cornerstone; Jesus Christ ? Idiots.

The edomite Jews have NEVER in history build anything good and decent. Not ONE of the nations they control have they ever ended up without killing and murdering their host populations, aka Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9), aka talmudic Synagogue of Evil. That is why the Elder (Esau) was instructed by God (Genesis 25:23) to serve the Younger Jacob-Israel (the white race). The Elders of Edom have rebelled today, against God. They can rebel against us, kill us and get away with it, but this time they rebelled against God Almighty, ref. Genesis 27:40 (?). Is that so wise ?

They are to SERVE their brother Jacob-Israel (the white race), NOT kill him. Idiots.

When we have done what we can, than we must wait. I have revealed HIS-story from Genesis to Revelation.

I am of that men

Wait for the move of God. We WILL see «God’s Finger» move the World. Those with the Spirit of God, will NOT be able to overlook «God’s Finger». It WILL demonstrate SUPREME almighty power, for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear. We must NOT push it. We MUST wait.

It is as usual in the summertime, my production will be limited, – and I feel there is not so much more to say actually. There is this short summer months this beautiful mornings when the sun comes up at 04:30 +/-, quiet time. The birds are the first up, busy preparing their day. The best time of the day for me, as a navigator we call it the «dog watch», very difficult to stay awake in those hours at the bridge, but can be so beautiful, always reminding me of Gulatingsloven (year 1024); «The first thing in our law is that we must bow to the east and pray to Kvitekrist [White Christ] for a good year and peace, that we must keep our king in good health, he be our friend and we his friends and God be a friend to us all.»

To the East, because there is where the ‘Light & Life Bringer’ is rising up, symbolized in pagan tradition with the sun. Christians then let Christ be the New Sun, the new life bringer.

I only repeat myself, but I want to assure my readers that God is in control. Don’t be afraid for the future, the future takes care of itself, here or in another dimension, doesn’t matter. The only important is the Spirit built in ourselves in our time here on Earth. The Jews can kill our bodies, but NEVER our Spirits. Rest. Do not worry to much. Fear is a sign not thrusting God, not good, ref. 1 John 4:18 : «There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love». When you love, you NOT ask if this is dangerous to say, is it political correct, is it allowed? You say; Is it right and is it love to try to stop evil (spirits) manifest in the world ?

We who research this subjects, we see that there are no good side in the World to thrust should «save» us. Trump and Biden, Putin and Zelensky, Jens Stoltenberg as Erna Solberg, all – both «sides», is controlled by talmudic edomite Jews of masonry of B’nai Brith. There is not a single politician NOWHERE in the World who say against them, ALL is controlled. There is no right and left in politics, both sides they control. So we see there is no help here in the World, no-one in power to turn to, forget it, «the help must come from Heaven, from Sion» the Bible state it (Psalm 121:1-2, Romans 11:26, Hebrews 12:22, Psalm 128:5). And that is correct. ONLY way. I have more or less done my work in this regard. Now I must wait on God for the nest move.

We love all good people of the World, we hate all the evil people and the evil they do in the World, and we warn people about them. That is everything we can do. «God will do the rest» (says Karen). Right.

Without women Jesus Will Loose His Endtime Battle of the Ages of his Earthly Kingdom as King of kings (Isaiah 9:6).

This hurts me to say as I am a conservative christian, and I am of the opinion men should be leaders of the family and society. We should, but few are able.

Those who rallied behind Jesus Christ and cried and cared for him when he was persecuted and murdered by the Jews was women first and foremost. Peter the coward forsake Jesus three times, for «fear of the Jew» (John 9:22, 20:19), just like the Vatican & RCC today. The Jews needs approval from God to kill, read Jobs Book, and if they do, it is ok. We can’t fight Gods Will, and if God approve they will have their «fun» of killing, lying (John. 8:44) and stealing, so be it.

I have noticed the same today; It seems like women have something that help them better than men to sort out the Truth from all lies, like a BS-filter. And the courage to made themselves heard, not give up.

My most ardent and loyal followers and supporters years after years have been women. This have many times surprised me, and I spent lots of time thinking about this. The only explanation I have found is when men have lost their balls, feminized by the (((usual suspects))), God had to give women the courage men lost. This is problematic for women’s traditional role as caretakers, but without, mankind would be finish. My honest opinion, and I am of the most experienced christian conspiracy researchers in the world, especially this battle of the ages of Satan and satanist against God and His people. Worlds oldest conspiracy. It’s only me mostly, because most have «fear of the Jews» (John. 20:19) and the rest of the cowards of the worlds christian men, keep the Jews out of the equation, and than their analysis is ALWAYS wrong in ;.»Know your enemies», Sun Tzu.

Without women’s courage in this Endtime battle, the People vs. Climate-Covid-Conflict (War) Inc., the battle of the Ages, we would all be finish.

Many of the women i see are in the fight for good and God, have more «balls» than most of the men I see; Unfortunate, but true.

When Karen Kingston says here for example at 26:00 and 01.02.00 «We do our best. God do the rest«. She is as dedicated to God as I am, that goes way beyond the loyalty to her former employers. What a woman that is, – the work she have done in the COVID-hoax ! Her competence and experience, in things we others had no way to understand on our own without her.

Karen Kingston : «If we do not recognize there are evil in this World, than we are going to be anhilated to our naivetee».

I have women friends who worry now, they see how dire the situation is in the World, how much power the edomite khazar talmudic Jews are asserting through askeNAZI Klaus Schwab (corporatism, fascism), Bill Gates («vaccines») and George Soros (multiculture to destroy our nations and our race survival) like before in Russia the bolshevik Jews took the power and industrial exterminated 66 million of our people (the RUS-people), like we today is minutes before «Ragnarock». You know who you are.

«Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?» – Psalm 94:16

I promised I will do it. I have a «contract» with God. I was for all practically purposes dead as a child, I drowned. We use to put one foot on a higher plank on the side of the quay where our ferry left, but this time it was slippery, and my foot went outside, and I was falling sideway to the bottom of the sea with the bicycle on top of myself. They said I was dead when they took me up.

But we are not able to die, before God say it is OK. For whom God have a Plan, no Jews, no Mossad, no bottom of the sea can kill. We live until we finished our work here. Guaranteed. God sent a man down there, he was very «early to the ferry» what wasn’t due in a couple of hours (fortunately). God decide when people should go to the ferry berth, even if there are no ferry departure at the time 🙂

«We do as best we can, God will do the rest» (Karen Kingston). In my last article I’ve learned from private encounters with a swedish sister in Christ, that «Oneness in Spirit in Christ» is done by Christ, not me. My articles will NEVER save anybody. CHRIST will save them, THAN they will recognize what I say, my SOURCE coming from their Source.

I can NOT save anybody from a reprobate mind and lost soul. God via Jesus Christ will do that, and after than people will understand what I say and write. NEVER before. It is «greek» for unsaved what I say. But after they will come and see and recognize the «living water» words from our same Source; God. They will recognize the Words I put down as true. Before that there is nothing I can do. Every person is in Gods hands, not mine. It is up to God the exact time they will be healed from the reprobate. When they do they will be «Gods friends» in Jesus Christ, like I am. We will know each other.

But until God have transformed lots of people to HIS Spirit, my readership and following is limited. Until there is many of us God have prepared, «the harvest» isn’t ready to be collected to the barn yet.

I was thinking about how to explain this, I easily found a first hit led to John Piper who say «Does God Intend Evil for Our Good?«;

«What we call the story of Joseph (Genesis 37–50 — almost a third of the book) is the story of how God does not let that happen. No, actually, it’s more provocative than that: it’s the story of how God himself brings his own people into the life-threatening danger of extinction, all the while planning their unimaginable rescue. He brings his own promise to the brink of failure, only to show that he has been in charge all along, planning a God-exalting deliverance.»


Evidence of real Israel in Bible Prophesy, and end times Holocaust

God brings us Israelites «his own people into the life-threatening danger of extinction, all the while planning their unimaginable rescue» (it is us, the white people you know, not the Jews, they are imposters. SOME ‘Jews’ may be Israelites, because they do not know the difference).

«Now I will arise,» says the LORD. «Now I will lift Myself up. Now I will be exalted». – Isaiah 33:10

History repeat itself. God is just repeating the same modus operandi God have done in previous ancient times…

John Piper article «Does God Intend Evil for Our Good?«

«Deliver me from workers of iniquity, and save me from men of bloodshed.» – Psalm 59:2

Men of bloodshed; That is the Jews. this evil breed :

Esau will live by the sword, says the Bible (Genesis 27:40). Esau should use his sword to protect his brother Jacob-Israel, that is Esau’s «contract» with God for living, today doing the opposite.

Jacobs Trouble, The Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites

Starting when the bolsjevik Jews industrial exterminated 66 million of our people from 1917 in RUSsia. (RUS means Scandinavian). Without women we all will be finish. I want to show God have a Plan. God always use for Good, what the Evildoers planned for Evil (Genesis 50:20) (feminism, the creation of a unnatural «rift» between man and women, creating of Jezebels). God made them Mary’s instead of Jezebels. 🙂

We had a fine society in Scandinavia. God kept his non-racemixed REMNANT here for thousands of years. Protecting us. Gave us powers in far away nations, as my distant relative Rurik was invited to Kiev to rule the barbarians giving up ruling themselves, only thing they was good at was kicking each others heads killing each others, the «Grand Duke of Kiev», like the Jews and other Pharaos should do, Pharao DID actually; Joseph (Genesis 41:39,40). We was so good at it Pharao wouldn’t let us go, the Exodus, remember ? The Jews, edomites, was NEVER in Egypt as slaves, by their own admittance, ref. John. 8:33 «we have never been slaves to anyone«.

Instead of a Scandinavian israelite as Rurik the Jews put a cocaine addicted stupid actor as jewish Zelensky in power in Kiev. Was this best and their brightest they could find to rule? We can just laugh. Silly.

Jarle Johansen - Rurik Novgorod Ryurik (Rörik, Hrörekr) Halfdansson Av Frisia

Than in this generation Sweden, Denmark, Norway became the most atheistic nations in the World. The People left their «first love», ref. Revelation 2:4. And the end is still unseen, this HIS-story, from Genesis to Revelation.

Now is time for #JudgementDay. It will not last forever.

God use the Jews to punish the atheistic people, who have turned away from Him. If they leave God, God will leave them. Punish us.

As close to Heaven we could be;

The Days of Innocence, built on christian values of safety and care for their children,
unfortunately developed into the worlds most atheistic nations, pride for the perverts parades and transpersons.

The nordic people forgot their «first love» (Revelation 2:3-5), what brought them the innocence and joy to start with; Jesus Christ.

Just a small memory laps from before (((the Jews))) ruled in Scandinavia – and made our nations multicultural:

no tatoos, no transpersons, no drugs, no ring in nose, no perverts – just pure beauty as created by God

Scandinavia – Those Were The Days

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