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Freemasons, Jews and King Salomos (Third) Temple

In my last article I was covering the connection between Jewry and Freemasonry.. Freemasons believe they are spiritual Jews, and they want to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem where they freely can slay and sacrifice animals for their own sins. It is apokalyptic times we live in, as God promised (lifting of the veil, disclosures, Luk. 12:2).

Satan is set loose on the World

What is spirutual warfare actually? What does it mean? The Synagogue of Satan, consisting and thriving under the leadership of fake Talmudic Babylonian Jews from the mystery religions have got their time in the World to be dominant, so the wheat is to be separated from the tares (Matthew 13:29-30). By choosing what they believe and act acordingly, people choose […]