The contemporary Jezebel Spirit

The spirit of Jezebel is ingraved in socialism and liberalism and even progressivism. There is not any longer any conservative branch of politics.

While both Christianity and Islam is patriarchat, talmudic Judaism is matriachat, and they wants to transform the world in their image of their godhead; The Spirit of Jezebel, and Ahab (married to Jezebel), Ahab who was in opposition to five -5- Prophets.

The women of the World today is mostly Jezebels, but let’s NOT forget those women of the Christ Spirit (discernment and differeniation is required). When Christiany loose it’s salt, left their ‘first love’ and it’s roots, and become carnal as talmudic Judaism, spirit minded will turn to Islam, the only patriarchal religion left. The other reason they do this, is that normal white girls find the patriarchal spirit only in muslims, and in none of their own people, boys who is feminized and weakened unable to compete for marriage. All this is by design to destroy and Holocaust the white race of the Lost Tribes of Israel.


It comes as a matter of fact that sodomy, fornication and hedomism came with feminism, the worshipping of the feminine even in men, of the New Age pagan goddess within (the aim of The Shack’s female «God»), the Jezebel spirit.. unfortunately most women have too soft heart to judge RIGHTEUOSLY, as the Bible teach us to do.. But there is women that is Biblical in this matters.. Abba is masculine, as the World, the carnal and the lusts of the flesh is feminine, that is why we call it Mother Earth (feminine), and Father Spirit (masculine). Many hate the masculine, they don’t like me for beeing ‘authoritarian’, they do not like patriarchat at all, and promote and worship the feminine (feminism), than they hate the true God also.. Abba…

Asherah became Shekhinah

It is really sad to see how many people make God in their own image – God to become an egregore of their own political convictions… or for their self empowerment, what feminism was all about, womens rights and ‘liberations’ (liberations from all that is holy), not promoting the godly family unit as a whole – but womens ‘rights’ (abortions was one of the ‘rights’ – the right to kill).. Man, women and child, the holy trinity in the Creation.

The Church of Jesus Crist is very small, no stadion needed.. because the real Church is in their hearts , the Temple Jesus rose up in three days, there they meet and greet.

If we go in depth , we see that all sinful and transgressions and evil is coming from this kind of (rebellious) ‘liberation’ by the Serpent’s whispering and false promises of ‘freedom’ to Eve… Instead of beeing a partner to her man, she actually became a slave to Satan.. The Serpent forgot to tell her that it will rip the society and World apart, total destruction (Tikkun Olam, creative destruction), so the Christian civilization is exchanged with the Unleashing of the Beast; Lucifer Rising, The Phoenix Rising from the ashes they create.

Feminism with the Spirit of Jezebel is one thing, it operates in both men and women. I equally am no respecter of weak men, actually I despise them, that have not guided and taken care of their women, and allowed to let loose this spirit of Jezebel in our society. The responsibility goes both ways.. Many women is very intuitive when it comes also to the matters of God… I see most of who is receptive to my writings is women actually, that tells me something.


Women in general have too soft a heart for all kind of perversities, that is why the Bible say (1 Timothy 2:12) it is a man to be leader of the congregation. I will not hold it against them… a soft heart is a good thing, but the feminists have a hardened heart, we must tell the real ‘feminists’, the mother, the wife, the housekeeper, the caretaker, NOT to identify with her Jezebel sisters of the carnal dimension of politics.. and instead listen to the Spirit… of Abba, not their pagan goddesses and godheads of Astarte/Ishtar (connected with fertility, sexuality, and war), Shekinah, Baal & Molech and alike..

It is the same soft heart that is loving the sodomite, that is the loving mother of the children and their housebands. Instead the hardening of hearts by politics have caused them to kill their children, to support all kind of perversities, sins and transgressions.


We can like it or not, but women is half of the population. We must get them to our side, or be enemies, they will chose a different spirit if they will not be explained this difference, the carnal politics instead of the Spirit of God. Jesus had no problem getting them to his side. They was his most adorable supporters, some of them.. cried for him, soothed him, and took care of His wounds..

When we have been on the spiritual battleground too long, some might see only the enemy in front of us, but get tunnel sight and fail to see the friends behind us. Symbolically in its spiritual essence it is true that women are from Venus (feminine) and man are from Mars (masculine). It is created this way (dualism), what the satanist tries to re-create to racemixed androgyns, transhumans (as in the days of Noah). It is their version of One People, One Nation, One World. No respect for diversity and the mosaic of Gods Creation. They have made themselves re-creating gods.

All is good. When we can recognize the Spirit of Jezebel – adults can look for someone without it. But the worse thing is that this evil peoples of social engineering are killing the innocence of children in the white Christian civilization with their satanic gospel of hedonism and Lucifer Rising (kundalini, the Serpent).

«As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.» – Isaiah 3:12

Jewish Sexualisaton & Africanisation of White Children

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«Why do you think TPTB wanted women to go to work in the first place? It generated even greater tax revenues… but hey, nobody minds that the rich patriarchs so many claim to despise were behind the women’s movement, right?With MOM out of the house, the influence over her children slowly began to erode, and with it, the nuclear family – by design, of course. It’s worked magnificently over the years for the diabolical powermongers at the root of it all. It has worked too well in their favor. Our families lose. We lose. Big Pharma wins. The banker wins. Psychopaths win.Women think they’re FREE now. What a joke. You’re not free if you’re feeding into an illusion. Big damn deal. We got the right to vote. So what? The vote is bogus.»

Steinem, Kissinger & the CIA

Instead of worshipping God and Christ, we will worship Jews and gays
Orlando false flag shooting supposed to bring unity of the Gay cause and Christians

Homocaust. To create sympathy for the sodomites, luciferian ‘unity’ of mankind. Sympathy for the Devil. Same modus operandi as the Jews use in creating guilt complex in the population in order to create luciferian unity for themselves and their agendas. The Awakening, the Phoenix Rising… the luciferian impuls.. many ‘christians’ will also be dulled into this fake awakening called ‘tolerance’ they claim Jesus would approve of… Nope, not.

Styx -Show Me The Way

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