When the House of Cards of the Nephilims come tumbling Down

This video below of Clark Clay is pretty big thing for me. If I had one last wish in life, it was to experience the atmosphere in a meeting like this, surrounded by People of the same familiar Spirit of Christ. Polish-born Pastor Artur Pawlosky, a resident of Canada, warns defectors, those who cause evil in the world and society; Judgment Day is coming, says Artur. The final and last day is approaching for the Evil Ones. I completely agree.

Evil has always come to an end. God cleans up. Finally. Today the people in power have been so «drunk of the wine of Power» (Revelation 18:3), they have no stop, they know no boundaries for their «Evil Ways of Power» (Rev. 17:2, Matthew 27:1,2, Micah 2:1). Give the stupid people we call politicians as the selected by Satan for Power in his temporarily kingdom of the World enough slack, and they will destroy the World and everything in it. The Constitution of the Christian Nations of Great Britain (Magna Carta), USA and Norway, had ONE important objective; LIMIT the Powers of the Rulers. The christian leadership mostly, as We The Peoples «good Shepherds», had given them INITIALLY their STRICT boundaries and limits for their Powers. Today Satans servants in politics have turned everything on its head and grabbed terrorism-corona-unlimited-Powers, for any detail in your life (it started 9/11, the #DancingIsraelis bloodsacrifice of 3700 people to Satan). Will you grant idiot politicians with an IQ less than your shoesize this privilege? Is that a wise thing to do, to make godless idiots unlimited powers as Emperors of the State ?

Jewish bisexual Kevin Spacey is the main character in the House of Cards, the corrupt President. The same Kevin is regular on Epstein Island, good friend of Prince Andrew. The people in this top layer of society – belonging to the Nephilims – is found of having sex with children, pedophilia, and tapping childrens blood for adrenochrome, to stay young, and in order to have Satans favour, is the rumors. We DO know that satanists believe in the favours of Satan, in order to get that they need to sacrifice human life and blood to Satan. If we believe in them or not, is not of any importance, as long as ‘THEY’ do.

Norwegian Ari Behn had told Kevin Spacey had «groped him under a table at a Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo 10 years ago.» (Source). Ari Behn should testify against jewish Kevin Spacey a few weeks after his alleged «suicide». There is rumors that Ari Behn was about to fully disclose them, when he suddenly died, in «suicide», when he MAY BE a full pledged human offering to Satan by the Nephilims.

Another ‘Young Global Leadership’ of askeNAZI Klaus :

Justin Trudeau Castro, Isaiah 57:4

«Whom do you ridicule? Against whom do you make a wide mouth And stick out the tongue? Are you not children of transgression, Offspring of falsehood,»  – Isaiah 57:4 

This is the Servants of Satan and the ones who belongs to the ‘Young Global Leadership’ of the Nephilim NAZI leader Klaus Schwab… Norwegian #Epstein honeypot #MetteMarit was / is the same crackhead and crackwreck and Young Global Leadership (YGL) as Justin Trudeau Castro and Jacinda Ardern. Another Mette-Marit, crackhead, the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.. in Service Of Satan (SoS – The Babylonians, ref. Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) :

This is your highly esteemed ‘Young Global Leadership’ (YGL) of askeNAZI Klaus Schwab folks. When you are at this level of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leadership, you can do anything you want. For now. God instituted the nation states, each people a nation of their own, Satan and Synagogue of Satan («Jews») wants a global kingdom, New Babylon, all the world under its command.

Police and Judges in Satans service WILL protect them, when Satan is on his promised narrow window of opportunity rulership of the World (Rev. 12:9, 20:7). The kingship Jesus Christ was robbing the Old Adam for, 2000 years ago at Calvary – Satan and his followers got a deadly wound. Satan is now back for the Last challenge (Rev. 13:3). Last try now. Last desperate measure to keep on to Power. Come on Evil. Let’s do it. You WILL be brought down to Sheol, and ALL who supports you too. #ThePromiseOfGod

Through all of history the Evil People the Bible calls the Nephilims (the fallen ones, of Old, with reptile minds and empty souls, without a heart. Bible says «of renowned», Gen. 6:4 ), that is the Serpent Seed, Satanists of the Synagogue of Satan, will navigate themselves into power positions. Today they RULE the World ! And we have all the silent Sheeple to protect the Nephilims with their adoration’s, money, worship and voting them into power.

God have promised Satan a last attempt to get his New World (antichrist) Order; The Great Reset (Rev. 20:7). A last attempt to challenge Jesus Christ as MASTER and Messiah, and High Priest of this World, King of kings (Isaiah 9:6).

My Family in Christ

As always. Here is the Heavenly Family who will rule on Earth, forever. This is the holy family of God, that will see to that the House of Cards of the Nephilims will come tumbling down, eventually.

We apply the CORRECT Cornerstone, not the one that is already said to come tumbling down, the Craftsmen is not good enough, the main leading Builders have been amateurs (1 Peter 2:7, Isaiah 28:16, Acts 4:11), lost The Way, their loss:

Here is my family. Here are red, white, yellow and blacks. Here is the gorgeous lady and jewish christian Anna Khait, we can see them all at Clay Clark’s event that fills the stadiums around America. It IS the SPIRIT that lives in those who count, let’s call it the Family of THE Spirit, shall we? «Christ dwells in me ,» says Paul ( Gal. 2:20 ).

They all have ONE thing in common; Jesus Christ is Lord and Master .. The undisputed Commander of the world, King of kings and presidents, Messiah and High Priest, who burns in their hearts and minds, the true heavenly family.

God has promised that the world’s evil people will reveal themselves ( Luke 8:17 ), in all the world’s Judgment Day. Their Babylonian house of cards must come tumbling down into their own heads, and over them. Bury them.

 «I am from Poland. I have seen this before, in the 80’s. If you will come clean, U still have the time. Come to our side. You devils. If you watch this, you Snakes. I do not want to be you if not, OR ELSE, this is not going to be pretty. » – Pastor Artur Pawlowski

ONE day the people of the whole world will glow with the same Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Christ). There is NO other way to the Kingdom of God for the world, this is the ONLY Way, Truth and Life, for absolutely all people who want to survive the Old World. « And I see a New Earth » >>>

A whole life as a Captain, I am a Master in my floating Universe, I report to God, and God only, I know how tempting it is to misuse power for my own good, let personal dislikes and sympathies lead and judge. That is NOT The Way. You can dislike some, but if people are able to do their job, they are OK.

Do you want your nation back? Then put Jesus back in your nation.

To get Jesus back, these satanic Jews and their lapdogs in power, must be removed from the leadership of society and the World

Weapons, bombs and grenades are not our weapons. » I have not come with peace ,» says Jesus, » but with the sword » ( Matt. 10:34 ). It is the Word of God that is the sword, says Paul.

Christians with the Holy Spirit are all the leaders of the unbelievers .. the art is few the unbelievers with them… the first Christians succeed, therefore the whole West became a Christian hvert eventually,…. Christians do not sit outside Life and the world, they sit in the middle of it and lead it in the right direction .. the total asceticism and withdrawal from the world in monasteries is Catholic Satanism. 🙂

They take the Way, of the Spiritual Warrior.

House of Cards is coming down

The Nephilims, do NOT know the Way of Love. Perverts, evil, lousy loosers, profitting of the Services Of Satan (SOS), is their lifeblood. GOD have promised us, One Beatiful Day, their House of Cards will come tumbling down.

For me it looks that Day have arrived. It is underway. I have seen local police and Judges of the Court do much lies and evil, they lie for the one and pure reason of to be able to do a little bit more evil, and I have seen the most evil amongst them rise to the top positions in the hierarchy of Powers. The worse amongst us gets the positions of Powers. I can tell the whole story, it is NOT a conspiracy theory, I can name them, show you them, all the way on top of their careers now, today – they got there BECAUSE they are unscrupulous and do ANYTHING evil in Service for Satan, in order to progress in their lives. Without remorse they hang any innocent. They care not! Every innocent person Satan’s wicked people can crucify is top-score for them, they celebrate that. They do ANYTHING evil, to serve Satan, to serve Evil incarnated; the ‘Three Men of the Nephilims’ above, and their ‘Young Global Leadership‘ in our nation.

The #Epstein honeypot bait, and the Crownprince of Davos and Tel Aviv

I survived them and their evils 25 years ago, (((THEY))) destroyed one of my children, a daughter; «The revenge is mine, says the Lord«. OK. I am a survivor of human Evils, OR should I say, God saved me out of it. They know who they are. I see Gods Finger in what is happening in the World. God set them up to reveal themselves to us (2 Thessalonians 2:11,12). They are forced out of the shadows they have been hiding for eons. The veil will lift, and ALL will see, the difference of good and evil people. As I read the signs, I can be wrong, consults your own Bibles and Holy Spirit folks; It looks to me God wants their era to be over, it is done, “It is finished.” (((They))) are on their way down… into the pit (Malachi 1:4, Ob. 1:8, 1:18).

It have started. Believe me or not. I assure you, we fear thou NOT satanic Nephilims. There is ONLY one Power under and over the Sun I FEAR, that is God. I once was in the sad tragedy of the soul of Job, in Jobs Book. Your evil powers in the World was not able to kill me last time, there was a POWER in the World MUCH STRONGER THAN YOURS.

God decide:

Vince Gill & Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art

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