To Lebanon With Love (More Time To Bomb)

Til Israel, UK & USA,

Noen ord fra produsenten av videoen:

To all the people in Lebanon caught up in this who never asked for it. (Not forgetting the Palestinians)
Okay, so I put this together to highlight the charade that is US/UK diplomacy and to highlight the demolition of a people and a country. Don’t be under any illusion that Mr Bush or Mr Blair want peace or the killing to stop. Lebanon is just a pawn in a wider game to them. What are you doing tonight as the men, women and children continue to suffer and die? If there is one letter or email you write in your life to your government representative, write it now and ask for the killing of people and the destruction of a country, that is carried out with the blessing of your country, be stopped IMMEDIATELY.

To the people outside the UK and the US, to our friends, brothers and sisters all over, ask your leaders to put pressure on Mr Blair and Mr Bush. You have a roll to play too. World opinion is just as powerful if not more powerful than a military super-power. Every second we waste, innocent people are suffering and dying. Please, write or call them now. Peace.

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