Erna Solbergs jewish roots on both sides

If anybody like to know how an openly corrupt stupid woman never had an normal job with open contempt for the Norwegians as Erna Solberg can find her way to top politics in Norway, and in the World, the answer is; She is Jewish. That is her qualification.

«So help me God» has long been the closing words when Norwegian prime ministers are installed in this important position. But the closet-Jewish Erna Solberg from Bergen refused to say such words when she was first appointed to the position in 2013, and she is unlikely to say them if she were to get the chance after the next general election either. (Source).

666 signaliserer et verdslig åndsløst materialistisk menneske, kalt sekulær humanist

Now we know why Erna Solberg and jewish Jens Stoltenberg and most of his ministers didn’t do as well, choose not to, as they are satanic than, not godly. We now understand the reason. Neutrality is in Satans favour. «Satanic», 666 is number of man; of this world, wordly, of the flesh, carnal, void of spirit, profane (empty shells, aside from the satanic profane mentality of this World; The Law of the Jungle, the antichrist ungodly might is right).

After 25+ years I have studied them in 1100 articles, like a biologist study a parasite in a microscope, I know what to look for of their personal characteristics;

The choice of pest and cholera as prime ministers

Pride, arrogance, disdain for others, hate of the whites of Jacob-Israel family line, extreme favouring their own people, only them is allowed to be rich in Norway, not because they are smart, but because they are of the imperial family of Jews, is things what I recognize them for. I recognize them easily also for their political and religious agendas;

«The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding». – Proverbs 9:10

Erna Solbergs family tree, lines of ancestry, down below. Hang on, interesting information before we get so far. My knowledge of the assorted religious texts as The Talmud, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion AND the Bible, say that the Jews when they come in their «Messianic kingdom» anti-Christian age of time, they will have ALL power in ALL the nations and the world (Rev. 12:9, 20:7). If we don’t know this, how are we supposed to analyze the events of the world, what I call their Climate-Covid-Conflict Inc, co-operation to steal us clean, for the benefit of their family abroad, globally? Jesus said we shall know them by their ‘fruits’, what they say and do.

Palestine, UK, USA, Norway, Germany, France, Sweden, we are ALL under occupation;

«If there is no Enemy within, the Enemy outside can do you no harm.»
-African Proverb

The Jews rely on themselves and their global network of friends and family. They need no God. They ARE gods to themselves they imagine.

«The criticism of religion ends with the (Jewish) teaching that man (the Jew himself) is the supreme being (God) of man.» – Karl Marx Mordechai Levy (Jewish satanic Rabbi)

«The idea of God (Yahweh) is keynote of a perverted civilization. It (Yahweh) must be destroyed.» – Karl Marx Mordechai Levy (Jewish satanic Rabbi)

But all of them is responsible b4 God Almighty, like me. The fear of God in Heb. 10:31 : «It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.». I attest to that, for evil people, but it is for good people REST, and PEACE of MIND (Heb. 12:6, 13:5). We know it may be difficult when ones greed for good cakes, food and red lenses as in Esaus case, and money, overshadow the loyalty to God, and Gods Will. Then better to rely on family of Jews globally to take care of ones stomach to be filled, while the heart is emptied. They Can Avoid Reality, But THEY Cannot Avoid the Consequences of Avoiding Reality

There is ALWAYS a price to pay for the Jews, and their evils also. The quest is to tempt them to do evil, like Jesus did, use carmic weapon, NOT Peters sword, than they are finished..

To naive norwegians, it is for the bolsjevik-Jews like stealing candies from toddlers this, in this nation of Santa-Claus hat far down over their eyes. They have put their man in the leading of the Norwegian Oilfund, the Worlds biggest money-bag. Led to rob it of course, in favour of their Jewish friends and family around the World. IF you put the talmudic JEW in charge of money, they will steal it, ALL of it. That is a force for nature, a characteristic of their natures, they wont be able to not to.

You wont be able to stay on a Jewish graveyard without you being Jewish. This people can NOT risk having the spirit of Christian humans amongst them, their god Satan will feel that very unpleasant.

I have followed the Jews closely for 25+ years, after the jewesses Karin Stoltenberg and Gro Harlem Brundtland spiritually killed a child of mine. My eyes have never left them, I have followed their undertakings and evil agendas closely, I have 1100 articles on their evil schemes. God willing, a  book will be written before I leave, «From Genesis to Revelation«, their destiny fulfilled EXACTLY as stated in the Bible, and my family’s, also EXACTLY as described. God took really care of His People, he hide them… hided them even for themselves.

25 years ago the corrupt court of Karin Stoltenberg (Head of the Ministry of Children and Families) and Gro Harlem Bruntdland (Prime Minister) which was supposed to destroy the Christian family institution in Norway (success today) for Satan and for the bolsjevik-Jewish subversion agenda, I attributed to them and asked them to sort out the corrupt court and save my daughter, for whom I went to court because she wanted to live with her father and not her mother. I had no other interest than trying to fulfill her wish. Let’s just say that the corrupt court CRUSHED both me and the child, hardly seeing the girl since, she was psychologically destroyed, thanks to district court judge Bjørn Inge Rørstad, What happened next?

Accept me or kill me… free choice .. I am the ONLY one in Norway and beyond

Jørgen Brundtland died by «suicide», and Ninni Stoltenberg drug wreck and early death. District Court Judge Bjørn Inge Rørstad who was in charge of the injustice died early of cancer, I hope he suffered a lot and for a long time. God restored Justice.

This is how I saw God’s judgment, on the wrongdoers, on the evildoers, they could do could with all their powers, but prefer to do evil. «The Revenge is mine«, says God.  I have seen several such, so God is  a LIVING FORCE in my life, I have no faith, i KNOW ! He took care of it for me, we can see. Justice restored. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Without us holding them accountable, God cannot judge them. Everyone must report them, even if their friends in the system keep the free from punishment of their criminalities, from that moment all the angels of Heaven will begin to ensure that justice will be done in full. Links to 15-16 such cases Jewish judges free their criminal people and judge innocent peoples here :

Justin Castro Trudeau, Boris Johnson, Emanuelle Macron, Mark Rutte, Olaf Scholz, Joe Biden, derLeyen, George Soros, Gates, Donald Trump, Klaus Schwab, all world leaders in the west and probably in the east also are Jews, OR controlled by the talmudic-Jews, that was what #Epstein operation was for, get a «panama» stain on everybody put in power, for blackmail and extortion.

Erna Solberg have open disdain for norwegians, the real_Israelites, in 2020 she said «Norwegians have no more right to their nation than anybody else«. This is a pride and disdain that can ONLY come from the mouth of a Jew, because the Bible speak also openly of their pride, that will be their waterloo.

From bolsjevik-Jews started their genocide in RUSia in 1917.

With the statement that Norway was not norwegians land, I knew exactly what people Erna Solberg was coming from. Because such speech we will ONLY find from a JEW, who hate white people with a passion, over is their project, to get this under 1 %, unless God stops them before they are 100% successful for 0% in their evil endeavors, wars, vax’s and miscegenation, that is to be forbidden in christian societies. They want all to be racemixed bastards as themselves (Esau married Canaanites) :

The reason they import all this black people to our nations, they promote to the white girls to copulate with blacks on every of their TV stations in the World by now (not a single TV advert without this), promote it as «normal» and pop, perverts ;







Why is Sweden and Norway multicultural (english subtext)

Caucasian Israelites; The People Who Shall Dwell Alone

Erna Solberg family roots

Former and future prime minister of Norway, with aspirations for position in the Jews World Government. Here is her Jewish roots.

On her fathers side is family name RUDNE

On her mothers side is family name VALLEM

You wont be able to stay on a Jewish graveyard without you being Jewish

Accept The Absolute Most Stupid and Corrupt to Lead. They are the #Judgement of God for the people, for not listening to me, like Jesus said in John 5:43 : «I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him».

Isaiah 3:12
«Youths oppress My people, and women rule over them. O My people, your guides mislead you; they turn you from your paths.»

Isaiah 3:4
“I will make mere lads their leaders, and children will rule over them.”

In Norway as everywhere else:

I have seen and experienced «Gods Finger», I know how Gods Hand works, how the hand that rocks the cradle and the World operate. There is no-one to seek help from in the secular government, no refuge or shelter anywhere in the World, they by Mossad or their sayanims can kill you without risk for themselves, ANYWHERE in the World, they will go unpunished.

Of no other power than by Gods grace will the good people survive, IF that is the meaning. To DIE is a natural end of life anyway, whatever the time it happen, either by the Jews hate and bloodthirst, OR by more ‘natural’ causes. For those in the Book of Life (Rev. 20:12), there is nothing to fear.

The correct blood on the doorpost; Jesus Christs blood (Ex. 12:13), they need to finish the PLAN they started in Soviet in 1917, where they successful get rid of 66 million of us (RUS means Scandinavian). They successfully replaced ALL our people in RUSia, Sovjet, with asian and mongols that is «russians» today, the genocide of the century. Jewish Erna Solbergs disdain and hate of us Norwegians and all of the white race of Jacob-Israel, will carry the plan a long way forward, to take out the rest of us, the enemies are inside the gates;

It is ALL in the hands of God. Satan and the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) control 100% of the Worlds secular powers. I promise you, but if we are in the «Book of Life» (Rev. 20:12) and with the ‘Seal of God’ (Rev. 7:3), than we are as SPIRITUAL BEINGS in the ark by now, the «Ark of the Covenant» is Jesus Christ. God will have his say on the matters, just a matter of time, before the cup of their evil is full, than it is THEY who will pay, for their evils. My family, we have done our job, we kept the Pact, the NEW pact;

All else who serve them and Satan, is bound for destruction burnt like human trash on Gehenna, the Jews will see to that, and finally, God will see to that the Jews themselves will follow «into the Fire», for all their godless marxist satanic evils (Ob. 1:18).

Carrie Underwood – *** How Great Thou Art *** – featuring Vince Gill [HQ]

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