Trump is for WW3 what Churchill was for WW2

They declared War on Germany March 24, 1933, they declare War on Syria/Iran/North Korea today, for Eretz Israel and because they want another World War (III), and make others fight the war for them. The Western powers was hijacked after World War 2. After that it have been downhill for the Christian populations and nations of Europe and USA, and uphill for Judea (International Jewry), much thanks to the secular HoloCash religion they impose on all the World.

Just a short note on this parallell between Donald Trump and Winston Churchill. Both was bancrupt and saved by the Jews. Churchill did their bidding in WW2. Trump will do their bidding in WW3 (and probably Putin and Kim Jung Un is also just players and controlled opposition in the gameplan).

Those persons who will not go to war for them, your leaders have no other choice, this persons must heed the Biblical warning; «Get out of Her my People» (Rev. 18:4);The Talmudic Babylonian Beast, controlling Kings and Presidents in all nations, in addition to Popes and Jesuits. The handwriting is on the wall, Mene mene tekel ufarsi, the gameplan is set, players are placed and ready to go into action. Get the popcorn ready and prepare for the drama to unfold on TV (Talmud Vision). Trump is for WW3 what Churchill was for WW2, indebted to the Jewish bankers for his fortune.

«.. today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them,» – Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Join the US Army with allies (NATO), included Norwegian leaders. Not in my name. Corrupt politcians is not ‘Norway’

As long as they are doing the bidding of the Jews of Israel, the Western leaders will always be looking for a pretext for Eretz Israel:

Remember the run up to Iraq. The experts, the intelligence agencies, the politicians were convinced that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. They produced reams of evidence, photographs, diagrams. They were all wrong. It was all wrong. It’s possible that they are wrong in this instance as well. That they are just looking for a pretext to attack Syria.” (BBC By British Ambassador Peter Ford).

This year, 2017, marks the following milestones, all to their advantage :

  • 50th anniversary of Zionist seizure of Jerusalem
  • 50th anniversary of attack on USS Liberty
  • 100th year anniversary of The Judeo-Bolshevik Revolution
  • 100th year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration
  • 100th year anniversary of the U.S being deceived into (((World War 1)))
  • 100th anniversary of Scofield Reference Bible (birthed Christian Zionism)
  • 300th anniversary of first Freemasonic Grand Lodge.
  • 500th anniversary of Catholic-Protestant split (divide and conquer)

«Chabad, a worldwide Jewish movement, is at the center of a web of ties between the Kremlin and the White House. If Putin’s Christianity is as bogus as Trump’s nationalism, then the two men may be engaged in a Chabad charade to exterminate the goyim in a nuclear conflagration.»

The Jewish Chabad Lubavitch sect connects Trump and Putin. They was behind the Noahide Laws becoming law in USA in 1991, the same year President Bush proclaim the Jewish New World Order, EXACTLY on the date 10 years before 9/11-2001, when the human sacrifices of the World Trade Towers to Baal/Molech made the World go crazy, and Satan released from his bottomless pit:

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991

The universal aspirations of the Jews, he should rather say.

Trump & Putin in Nuclear Charade?

The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin

Trump is playing with fire, says Henry Makow. Kim Jung Un of North Korea was educated in USA and Switzerland, rest assured he is a controlled opposition.

  1. In 1938 Winston Churchill had accumulated massive debts via his extravagant lifestyle and had bankruptcy looming , Churchill was then a member of UK parliament and knew he would be forced to vacate his seat there and he would also lose his beloved home, «Chartwell».
  2. That a financier by name one Helry Strakosch advanced Churchill a 150,000 pound loan and became his «advisor», reviving his political career.
  3. Bernard Baruch played a role in limiting his losses. Baruch literally bailed WC out during the great depression. Churchill was heavily involved with the Zionists, including Chaim Wiezman from 1936 on and declared himself a Zionist. (Book by William Manchester: «The Last Lion»).

They need to wipe out all their enemies. Today they have placed themselves on the throne of Almighty God, deciding who shall die and who shall live (Psalm 14:1, Psalm 53:1, Jeremiah 16:20-21, Romans 10:3, Romans 1:22, Rev. 13:5). God give Life, Satan and the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) take it at their will. The World held hostage «they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast. Who can make war against the [Babylonian Talmudic] Beast?» (Rev. 13:4).

Trump saved by Jewish oligarchs in Russia

It is reported that Trump went resoundingly bankrupt during the crash in the 80s, and lost everything he had of property in New York and elsewhere. But he recovered quickly on his feet again, and now we know who gave him a helping hand, and he has the world’s most powerful clan in reserve who had plans for him in the future. He’s only a pawn in their sick war games.

That is also exactly what happened with Winston Churchill, that he went bankrupt and took Britain into their Second World War (before it was only a regional conflict between Germany and Poland). Suitable extortion agents and sign of who those leaders should have their loyalty to, how more personal bankruptcies could be avoided, buying their loyalty. And with it and for it Churchill pulled Britain into World War II against Germany for them and for their benefit. And that ultimately brought the USA into the conflict, as they needed an all out World War, not just a regional one in Europe.

Now we’ll see if this repeats itself that Trump will do the same for World War 3 for the exact same reason Churchill did it for WW2.

I have written extensively on Norways zionistic elite working for the Zionists from the outbreak of World War 2 until today.

Cf. also Stay-Behind, Gladio and Milorg in Norway who they reported to, as is well known today. This is just one of many articles (this is the man who supplied heavy water to Israel for their nuclear bombs):

Jens Christian Hauge as Zionist hawk?

Freemasons, Jews and King Salomos (Third) Temple

Freemason Albert Pike in his letter to Mazzini (1871). An old satanic plan in its manifestation.

Excellent analysis of Trumps swamp

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: Trump’s Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

About in the same manner thy are puching their HoloCash religion, we can not believe anything the Jews say or do, because Jesus said about them they are liars and belong to Satan (John 8:44).

Who is The JEWISH MEDIA AGENCY? Take A Look…

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