Jews for Jesus as Messiah (the Christ)

We have spent lots of time in our endevours to discern good from evil, right from wrong, love from hate, not to turn everything upside down as Satan do, but turn it back the correct way. All in order to be counted amongst the Righteous as Abraham, that wons him the favour of God, we need to also look at another side of Jewry – those of the tribe of Judah, others than the Sabbatean Frankist political zionist ‘Jewish’ and khazarian/edomite satanists of the Synagogue Of Satan that have made Satan and Baal/Molech their egregore ‘god’ (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9).

Not all is alike, not all buy into the schemes of the Devil to lead sincere good people astray, in this World of smoke and mirrors. There is a growing share of the Jews who find that by being in compliance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is The Way (Acts 9:2) to be counted as righteous, and hence be called ‘The People of God’, of Abrahams seed (Galatians 3:29). Carnal people believes this is a blood lineage thing, including the satanic Jews, but in reality it is a spiritual thing, we who share the same Sprit of Christ, the Messiah (Romans 2:29), all who have gotten their hearts circumcised (Deuteronomy 30:6, Romans 2:29).

Dr. Brown: «Who is the Real Messiah? If you are sincerely seeking the truth, you came to the right place.»

«My name is Dr. Michael Brown. I was born to a Jewish family in New York. As a teenager, after being set free from heavy drug use through faith in Jesus-Yeshua, I was challenged by the rabbis to thoroughly examine the Bible with the goal of finding the Real Messiah of Israel. But the more I studied, the more convinced I became, and like many Jews, I am sure that our Messiah is no other than the One whom we were taught to reject: Yeshua-Jesus.

The Creator of the universe is now my Father, Jesus the Messiah is my best and closest Friend, I live my life free of anxiety and fear, and the peace and joy of God renew me every day.»

Do Jews Need to Be Saved?

As me myself I share and want to have the Spirit of Christ, and invited it in, willfully and conscious, I was even sober when I did, so I have lots more in common with this Christian Jews than I have anything in common with the satanic and luciferian people of my own Caucasian race, be it norwegians or others. The biological family bond in this World we share only for a limited period of time. The spiritual family bond though we share for eternity; The Family of Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:49).

In the Family of Christ there can not be any lies, no deceit. In the bodily Temple that Jesus Christ promised to rise up in three days (John 2:19), where we can find G-d in direct communication through the Holy Spirit that from now on dwells in us (Galatians 2:20), given the correct transformation of our spirits by inviting in the Christ Spirit, let go the Ancient One of this World, the fallen spirit of Lucifer, the fake promisiong to be the morning star and lightbearer (the Serpent, Genesis 3:1) of the World (as per Madam Blavatsky and Albert Pike’s ‘christ’ aka Lucifer), and the promise was kept. It works. There was another One that is the real Light of the World (John 8:12). How can we find out if it is really the Holy Spirit of Christ, and not Satan sending us the thoughts from the ‘spirit that lives in us’?

Answer: Benchmark our thoughts, feelings, values and solutions to the Biblical standard.

Christ can not live in any bodies of lies, nor can the bodily Temple of God be made unclean by such behaviour and faculties of beeing of a lying nature. The curtain in the carnal temple of the occultist Salomon was thorn in two from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51), a new Temple was institutionalized, a place where Christ can live and reign (Matthew 27:54), in our own personal bodies, and it is up to ourselves to contribute to heed the call, and develop the World and the societies accordingly, based on honesty, justice and righteousness and the vision of Jesus Christ («The centurion, seeing what had happened, praised God and said, «Surely this was a righteous man«, Luke 23:47).

We’re more or less all of humanity Prodigal Sons.

«Listen to the personal stories of rabbis and many other Jewish people who, although they initially were adamantly opposed to Jesus-Yeshua, gradually came to believe that Jesus-Yeshua is truly the Messiah. Find out what made them change their minds and how their hearts were opened to receive Jesus-Yeshua.»

I was deeply touched when I read the testimonies of some of this christian Jewish Rabbies, because they are like me, we share the exact same struggles in our lives, in our lives journey as prodigal sons in the World, isolated and separated from our spiritual Father who is in Heaven, and the source of the Spirit that dwells in us; G-d, and the One who united us with God by his sacrifice; Jesus Christ. He who hold the keys to Heaven; The Kingdom of God.

«In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.» – Hebrews 9:22

Jesus took care of that for us, he bought us free from the adamic curse and bond to Satan, the origin and promoter of all sins. No animal sacrifices in the temple required any more, a New Covenant. Without Jesus, there is no salvation, nobody else would shed a drop of blood for us; In the Bible this is called ultimate (agape) love, that God have for people, that G-d gave his Son, so we could all be free in Christ, and be Sons of G-d also.

In young age we need no-one in the spiritual realms to speak our case before G-d, but as we grow older we must sooner or later if we have a grain of intellect ask ourselves; Was this all?  What was it all for? Time runs so fast, it seems like we live only in an twinckle of the eye, isn’t there more to it than it is meaningless. Why should we live, what is our challenges, what is the goal with life? To live and die only, as animals, as Beasts? Is there a qualification for further evolution of man and the human spirit going on?

Who exactly of the different Jews do we believe will be Holocausted first and by who, because of their Faith in the Messiah? It is the Christian Jews that will Holocaust the Satanic Jews, or is it the Satanic Jews that will Holocaust the Christian and G-d fearing Jews? The Bible gives the clear answer to this.

Once upon a time, the Satanists pretends to be ‘Jews’ will be kicked out of the Middle East Israel, and the Jews, and the Israelites and the gentiles will live in peace. When the Lion of Judah return to enforce His system, in His Kingdom. Wherever G-d will decide this time we should build our New Jerusalem, our new Zion, the wonderful land and kingdom where we’re all are one of a kind, isolated off from satanists and barbarians, inside safe borders again, in the Kingdom of Jesus the Christ. Not by miscegenation, what is an abomination and the way of the carnal satanists, but by sharing the same Spirit of Christ.

We do not have our present physical bodies there, in the spiritual realms, so todays colors of our skins are of no importance. It will be wonderful to rest, free from the Babylonian nature of this World, only causing death and destruction. At some point in time, the satanists roads and our road have to part. We will there be united by our love for Jesus Christ, and that alone, that is the most important family trait we will have, all of the same Spirit, the Spirit of Christ (Galatians 2:20), and nothing else matters.

Lion is Judah, the Lamb is Israel, united in Jerusalem

Rune Larsen – Jerusalem

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