Re-awaken Tour coming to Phoenix,AZ

Where I should like most to be in the World in the days to come, but that will not happen. Phoenix, AZ – January 14th & 15th. Full list below. What a fantastic event by Clay Clark @

The Holy Spirit will be packed here at this events. Imagine so much likeminded conservatives, like a party in ‘heaven’ to be around so much sane persons. This is about delivering America back to God. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko will be there. A fantastic Jewish person, of the godly part of Jewry.

Better sound here, from 00:44

Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy will be there:

«We will not comply, with the Institutions, with the sick Illusions, welcome to the Revolution»

Welcome To The Revolution

Request Tickets Today At:
*Phoenix, AZ – January 14th & 15th – 9% of Tickets Remain
*Canton, OH – February 18th & 19th – Tickets On Sale
*San Diego, CA – March 11th & 12th – Tickets On Sale
*Redmond, OR – April 1st & 2nd – Tickets On Sale

Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – This Is A War

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